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Averbach 5 Year Anniversary

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Contact Justin Blacklock at Averbach Mortgages to get YOUR mortgage


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Mortgages can be complicated. Knowing who has the best options and the best rates takes time and expertise. Time and expertise you don�t always have. Mike Averbach and the Averbach Mortgages Team can help.

Averbach Mortgages is about simplifying the mortgage application process, no matter what your circumstances. Our consultants are passionate about our industry, and can answer all your important mortgage financing questions. Whatever your circumstances, we�ll provide options that work.

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First Time Homebuyers Mortgage Refinancing Real Estate Investors

You may be surprised at how easy it is to qualify for a mortgage as a first-time home buyer.

If you are paying $1000+ in rent you could be eligible for a mortgage that doesn�t cost you that much more.

Why not INVEST vs spending your money!

Find out what it takes to qualify as a first time buyer.


There are many reasons you may decide to refinance your mortgage.

  • Remodel or upgrade
  • Refinance debt
  • Invest
  • Go on a trip
  • Finance your retirement
  • Reduce your current rate

You have many options to consider and compare.


Real Estate investment opportunities in Vancouver include residential and commercial properties, flippers, recreational properties, pre-sales and more.

Let us help you develop a sound investment strategy, that may even start with your own home.

Robert Kiwosaki (Rich Dad) thinks that real estate is one of the BEST wealth creating investments you can make.


As Independent mortgage brokers and consultants we have access to more than 40 top lending institutions. This allows us to shop around and find the best secured financing for you. Our services are complimentary. Our mission is to make it EASY for you. Financing a mortgage has never been easier than today.

If you�re ready, so are we. Take the first step and contact us today..

Featured Article

Fixed-rate mortgage better for first-timers

The Canadian-mortgage drama needs a Greek chorus, those Athenians the ancient playwrights used to comment and explain and emend the drama, here the meaning of borrowed money priced at a 50-year low.

The first observation this chorus might make:

Three out of four first-time homebuyers in Canada probably don't know how good the news is.

A mortgage insurer, the multi-national Genworth organization, is the source of that conclusion.

It reports that in a recent test of Canadian first-time homebuyer knowledge of mortgages and homebuying terms and concepts only 25 per cent of the participants correctly answered more than seven out of 10 questions; fewer than one per cent answered all 10 questions correctly.


5 Years Variable Rate Closed: 2.55%   1 Year: 2.89%   2 Years: 2.94%


"When first introduced to Averbach Mortgages, I knew nothing of home ownership. Nothing.
Justin Blacklock took the time it took to listen, debrief, discuss and deliberate with me, whenever I needed, for however long I needed. And I felt I needed to be verbally hand held through almost the entire process. He never left me feeling diminished or feeling ignorant. On the contrary. I felt he cared.
After the first home purchase, and when I had accrued enough equity in my home to dramatically reduce my black cloud of debt, Justin skillfully guided me to conclude that not only was refinancing a viable option for me, but it also was a really a life-altering change.
Simply put, Justin is a gift. As a mortgage broker � no, as a human being � he is one of the good guys. He is more than thorough � and if you know Justin, you know I do not lie. More than just knowing his 'stuff,' he is smart. Really, really smart. He oozes integrity. And he made me laugh. But more than anything, and most importantly to me, he is kind.
I consider Justin more a trusted friend than a broker. I say "I love my mortgage broker!" � and mean it. From this blog I see I am not alone, and the many people I have referred now echo the sentiment also.
Diane M

"I have worked with Justin Blacklock for several years now and all I an say is WOW. I am terrible with numbers and it is very comforting to know that Justin will explain everything until I totally understand what I am agreeing to and signing.
There is NO question too big or too small for him. He has on occasion gone over things 3 and 4 times until I "get it."
I know I am in good hands with Averbach Mortgages. Thanks Justin!

"Justin is very personable and has such a good sense of humor that he made the process fun � and how many interactions with financial professionals are genuinely enjoyable, as well as productive? That said, he is also hyper-vigilant and (appropriately) paranoid about protecting his clients' interests, and he makes sure that everything is double- and triple-checked and that all due diligence is done.
I'm new to Canada, although I have property in the US, and Justin took the time to educate me about the Canadian markets. When I found the place I wanted, Justin set me up with an excellent product despite some tight timelines and some other challenges associated with the sale. I recommended him to two young friends buying their first home, and they were equally thrilled.
I couldn't recommend Averbach more highly!
Darcy C.

"Justin has taken the time to walk me through all of my transactions and explain all the parts that I just could not understand�he has the patience of a saint!
In my opinion, Justin has performed at a consistently higher level than other Mortgage Brokers. That is the mark of a true professional.
I highly recommend Averbach Mortgages to anyone who is looking for sound information and products.

"Thanks to Justin Blacklock, I did not have to worry about some of the more detailed issues with the most important transaction we face in buying a new home. His professional and over-the-top work ethic was more than I could have asked for.
Having Justin on your team will set your mind at ease and leave you to deal with the other matters at hand in your busy schedule.
Thanks again for all your hard work Justin!
Greg Allan

"We are now working with Justin Blacklock for the second time. Justin is knowledgeable and professional. He got us the very best rates with the terms we were looking for. He is also very personable and always answers our questions and returns calls and emails on a timely basis. We feel we are in good hands with Averbach Mortages and recommend them to our friends."
Bev & Bill Liddle

"Full thumbs up for Justin Blacklock and his team. Would not hesitate to recommend him and Averbach Mortgages to anyone."
Peter Pare

"Justin was a huge help in getting me the right mortgage product for my situation. I would recommend Averbach to anyone without hesitation. "
John W.