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Mortgage Amortization Calculator

Use this calculator to generate monthly mortgage payments quickly and easily. View your payments and interest paid on the Amortization Table below. If you decide you want to refinance your mortgage to allow for more flexible payoff terms, contact the Averbach Mortgage Team now.

Anticipated Amount of Mortgage
Interest Rate % %
Length of loan, in years.
Start Date of Loan (month and year)
Interest is compounded semi-annually (Canadian Regulation)


Mike Averbach and Justin Blacklock are experienced mortgage consultants and brokers who mission is to help you get the best mortgage terms and the best mortgage rates. Your bank's job is to make money on their mortgages, don't assume they will offer you the best rate because you are a long term customer. You could save thousands of dollars in interest fees just by making one phone call and letting Mike and Lisa find a better deal for you. Contact Mike Averbach and Justin Blacklock today!