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Averbach Mortgage Services

Getting a GREAT mortgage can be a complicated process. Knowing who has the best mortgage options and the best home financing rates can take the time and experience you may not have. Averbach Mortgages can help. The mortgage financing industry is more competitive than you think, which is good news for you! Our job is to make financing your home a simple and stress-free experience by knowing where to get the best rates for you.

Averbach Mortgages has access to more than 40 top lending institutions. This allows us to find and negotiate the best secured financing that works for you. The Averbach team shops all the big banks, as well as dozens of other lenders to provide you more options and better choices.

We are often asked ... What Do Your Services Cost?

As independent mortgage brokers and consultants, our services are complimentary, as in free, zilch, nadda. nothing.. We find you the best mortgage at the best financing rates possible. We get paid by the bank or the financing institution for bringing them new business.

Averbach Mortgages is about simplifying the mortgage application process, no matter what your circumstances:

  • First time home buyer? No problem
  • Renewing an existing mortgage? No problem
  • Refinancing for home rennovations? No problem
  • Debt consolidation? No problem
  • Credit issues? No problem.

Averbach's mortgage consultants are passionate about our industry. We can answer all the critical questions you have about mortgages and mortgage financing. We are the premier one-stop operation in Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland. Whether you are applying for mortgages; renewing or refinancing an existing mortgage; investing or consolidating debt; or have current or past credit issues, the Averbach Mortgage team can give you solutions that work.

Your business means more to us than you can possibly imagine, that’s why we offer our 100% success guarantee.

The Averbach Guarantee:
Averbach guarantees each client that we’ll provide more options from more institutions than any single lender in Canada.

Buying a home has never been more possible! If you’re ready, so are we. Contact us today, and let Averbach Mortgages get you started!