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Tax Deductible Mortgage Information

Who Should Consider a Tax Deductible Mortgage?

  • you have a good credit standing
  • you have (or are considering) a mortgage of over $100,000
  • you want to have your home become an "investment" instead of a "liability"
  • you want to pay off your mortgage faster than you ever thought possible.

How the Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan Works

Watch and listen to our Online Presentation to see how the plan works.

Do you Qualify?

Take the TDMP Test. We will prepare and send you, your personalized TDMP Benefits Report.

This Financial Post Article by Jonathan Chevreau discusses whether getting a Tax Deductible Mortgage is . . .
"Worth the Hassle."

Beat the Taxman discusses how to pay off your mortgage in half the time and at the same time build a very nice retirement nest-egg.


Please call Justin Blacklock 604-736-1855 for more information about the TDMP.