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Averbach 5 Year Anniversary

CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards - Best Customer Service from an Individual Office

Averbach Mortgages Wins Best Customer Service Award from CMP

"They say, 'the proof is in the pudding.' For us, winning the award for Best Customer Service is proof that our dedication to our clients paid off. We take great pride in going above and beyond. We wanted to be better than just good. We wanted to be the best and now we have been acknowledged for it. This award is a powerful recognition because in the end, it's all about the client."

Read an article about Averbach Mortgages in CMP Magazine (PDF)


"When first introduced to Averbach Mortgages, I knew nothing of home ownership. Nothing.
Justin Blacklock took the time it took to listen, debrief, discuss and deliberate with me, whenever I needed, for however long I needed. And I felt I needed to be verbally hand held through almost the entire process. He never left me feeling diminished or feeling ignorant. On the contrary. I felt he cared.
After the first home purchase, and when I had accrued enough equity in my home to dramatically reduce my black cloud of debt, Justin skillfully guided me to conclude that not only was refinancing a viable option for me, but it also was a really a life-altering change.
Simply put, Justin is a gift. As a mortgage broker – no, as a human being – he is one of the good guys. He is more than thorough – and if you know Justin, you know I do not lie. More than just knowing his 'stuff,' he is smart. Really, really smart. He oozes integrity. And he made me laugh. But more than anything, and most importantly to me, he is kind.
I consider Justin more a trusted friend than a broker. I say "I love my mortgage broker!" — and mean it. From this blog I see I am not alone, and the many people I have referred now echo the sentiment also.
Diane M