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Testimonials for Averbach Mortgages

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At Averbach Mortgages we live, breath and dream mortgages. We know that our customers ARE our business. We work hard at the personal touch because we know first hand how important getting a good mortgage can be to your financial well-being. We treat YOU the way we would want to be treated ... like gold!


"Just called our Notary to confirm everything is in order...it is. We are meeting on Friday to sign docs to refinance our mortgage with FN. Thanks for your work here...after 3 mortgages with Scotia it was no small feat earning our business, and taking theirs."
Ryan K.

"Mike was professional and efficient from the start of our mortgage seeking process, but what really impressed us was his personal dedication to finding us the very best mortgage out there, with the minimum of fuss. We were nervous first time buyers, but Mike steered us through the process with ease, humour and friendship. We'll definitely be calling Mike for our next move."
Megan and Rafael

"Many thanks for your help! Im very glad i contacted you and am very happy with the rate I got!"
Sandy M

"Mike continuously researches the lowest rates that lenders can offer and continues to deliver the best to me and my clients. Not only are they ecstatic about the rates that Mike has secured their mortgages with, but they are extremely impressed with the professionalism and customer service that he delivers. I am proud to have him as part of my team and I will definitely and always refer him to my clients, my friends and my family"
Shizuka Wilson
Preferred Realtor in Richmond

"You officially have been elevated to walking on water status. I think you are somewhere between god and moses! --Referring to a meeting with some special clients after arranging their mortgage--"
Dan Wolfson
Preferred Financial Planner

"Its been great working with you too Mike. Its nice that something that is normally a stressful, and often painful process, can be enjoyable and stress-free."
Jim H.
North Delta

"I would like to thank you for all of the tremendous help you have given us. Thank you for answering all of my stupid questions in a timely manner, youve been readily available, even during Hanukkah! Ill be happy to give you an excellent reference to all of my friends and family. Thanks again Mike, youve made this stressful period an easier one to deal with."
Mitch M.
North Vancouver